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Picture Polish - Bridget, Lizzie and Darcy

Some time last month, Picture Polish made the announcement that would be re-releasing some of the now discontinued Ozotic 600 series, as new Picture Polish branded polishes. 

The first three polishes they are releasing all called Bridget, Lizzie and Darcy and they are dupes of Ozotic 621 (Bridget), 606 (Lizzie) and 623 (Darcy).  

Bridget - re-release of Ozotic 621, one of my very favorite red polishes. It's a rich yellow based red, with a large particle scattered holo.  I've always loved paring up my Kryptonite with Ozotic 621, especially at Christmas time, so I'm very glad to now be able to pair up two Picture Polish shades instead.  This is two thin coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Lizzie - re-release of Ozotic 606. A pastel lilac scattered holo. I have a feeling that the holo particles used in the Ozoitc and Picture Polish shades may have changed over the years.  When I look at my original swatches of Ozotic 606 in the round bottle back in 2011, it's very obviously holo, but my re-swatches of 606 in the square bottle look much more like Lizzie. It's still most definitely holo, but a different sort of holo. Funny that I never really noticed that between that last two versions of 606.  This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Darcy - re-release of Ozotic 623.  Black scattered holo.  This one seems to be a spot on dupe for the previous version of Ozotic 623, which you can see here.  The sun was hiding just a little bit for these pictures, so the holo sparks aren't jumping out as much as the previous photos.   This is two thin coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Picture Polish now have two black scattered holos in their range, Starry night by Llarowe and Darcy. 

Here is a comparison swatch to show the difference between the two polishes.  This is two coats of each, both with Seche Vite top coat. Starry night is not a opaque and therefore has a more charcoal appearance.  They both have the same amount of holo sparkle.

I've read some comments online that some people are a bit disappointed that discontinued polishes have been released under a new brand. I actually think it's a fantastic thing.  Everyday there are more and more ladies (and guys) getting 'into' nail polish, if polishes like these weren't re-released, and someone wanted them, those people would have to resort to paying much higher prices, because naturally, discontinued polishes are always going to fetch more money.  Re-releasing these shades keeps them more affordable for everyone.  

The main thing that I think is important, is that the brand is upfront about it being a re-release of a previous colour, that way we aren't lured into a purchasing a polish that is a dupe of something we already own.  Picture Polish have been up front from the beginning.  The main problem is going to be for the OCD collectors out there that are going to need the same shades in the new shaped bottle with the name :).

These three shades will be released soon and available from Picture Polish and through their network sellers. I don't know exactly when these will be released, so I recommend you follow Picture Polish on Facebook to get any announcements.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Disappointed? Who can be disappointed about re-releasing Ozotic 621?! I definitely need a backup bottle... for my backup bottle haha )

  2. Well, any polish with the name Darcy would have to come home to me, and the fact that it is gorgeous makes me happy! Actually, all of these polishes should be mine!

    I think the only people 'disappointed' are the people who are re-selling them at exorbitant rates.

  3. Such pretty swatches! I'm stoked they're re-releasing them! I only ever got to buy a few ozotic shades, so very happy that I have to chance to get more of them!

  4. I need these for the names ... NEED!!!!! <3

  5. I love Lizzie colour.

  6. I seriously want the Darcy polish just because of its name! I totally agree that it's silly to be upset about them re-releasing a shade. The more, the merrier.


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