Monday, March 17, 2014

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St Patrick's Day nail art

Just like many hundreds or thousands of nail art enthusiasts, today I painted my nails in a St Patrick's Day theme.  The desgin just came together as I went along, with no real plan.

My index and pinky were painted in a sheer french pink and then a green french tip painted on by hand.  I then added some Lynnderella I can afford it, which is a magnificent multi-green glitter. But I forgot that it had a green tinted base, which made the tips of my nails look really green - especially in these photos.

My middle finger was painted white and stamped with a four leaf clover from the Messy Mansion Irish plate MM04.  I also painted a free hand ruffian using Zoya Kerry..

My ring finger has a green base with shamrock coins from Bundle Monster BM-H04 painted with Zoya Kerry using the reverse stamping technique.

My thumb has a pot stamped from MM04 and some gold round dot glitters placed into the pot.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off now to change my nails and browse Instagram looking at other St Patty's day manis.


  1. Yay, another 'strayan doing St. Paddy's nails :) I love this skittle look! Especially the pot of gold and the coins nails--really well done xoxo

  2. Like this mani a Lot! How did you get two colors in your coin stamp??? (gold AND black) I know next to nothing about stamping, other than I see here on the nail blogs. Thought they only took one color and, if another color added, had to do by hand.

  3. Oh, I just found an article on that method. That's an interesting way to get an image on your nails. lol, I can see a lot of torn pieces before I would get it down! Might have to give it a try one day because I am SO intimidated by direct stamping.

  4. Hey, dear! They're really amazing.


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