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Face of Australia - Screen Siren Collection

Face of Australia have a brand new collection due in stores this month.  The collection is called Screen Siren and it features a limited edition range of polish inspired by Marilyn Monroe.  The collection has four creamy nudes, three bright cremes and a matte top coat.

I have swatches of the entire collection, including showing each polish with the matte top coat.  All swatches are shown at two coats with no top coat, and the matte finish photos show one coat of the matte top coat (which is called Platinum). They all dried to a high gloss finish (except of course the matte top coat).  

First up, the nudes, which are inspired by the fact the Marilyn Monroe slept in the nude.

Bombshell - a yellow based, medium beige coloured nude.

Monroe - a browner, more mushroom pink toned nude shade.

No angel - a pale pink leaning nude.

Travilla - the lightest of the nudes in the collection and quite neutral toned, not too pink or yellow. The polish may look a little patchy in the sun photos, but rest assured that is the reflection of the clouds on my nails, you can see the smooth finish in the matte photo where the cloud reflections don't come into play.  Also, and interesting fact that I read on the FOA blog - "Travilla is the name of the costume designer who created Marilyn’s famous white dress that blew up when she was standing above the subway grate."

Now for the bright cremes, which were inspired my Marilyn's love for bright colours, that were shown in the clothes and makeup she wore.

Diamonds are a girls best friend - bright, retina searing, fuchsia pink.

Some like it hot - bright, true orange with absolute camera freaking out capabilities (so bright it nearly makes my fingers look white)

Isn't it delicious - this bright turquoise creme is certainly delicious.

The formula was nice on all of these and it was especially nice to have a range of nude shades that are smooth and opaque in two coats.  This is the first time I can recall that we've seen an Australian brand do a range of nudes, and I think their choice of nude tones is spot on, there should be something for most skin tones.

The matte top coat is a good quality and it dries to nice a dull and flat finish, rather than a satin finish. It also dried down to the matte finish rather quickly.

My only negative comment is relating to the brush on these polishes. I found them stiff to use and they would often leave drag marks dented into the polish. I needed to use the very tip of the brush with a very light touch to avoid the marks. This was a little awkward for me as it's not my normal application style, but it did result in the best finish.

The Screen Siren collection retails for $4.95 a bottle and will be available nationally this March from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Big W and online through

For more info, check the Face of Australia Facebook page and don't forget to tag your photos with @foacosmetics or @foascreensiren

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Oooh I love No Angel, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend and Isn't it delicious, this collection makes me happy for two reasons, I recently picked up 5 FOA polishes on a sellout at Kmart for $2 each, usually $8 here in Bris and the formula was outstanding and didn't have brush issues, the other one is that I love Marilyn and visited her resting place last year, I can die happy now...not day. I'm really sad to hear about the brushes, I'd much rather pay $8 and have a good brush that $4 and get a crappy one.

  2. Thank you for telling us about the brush, Cathy. I was going to get some but will check the brush first and decide.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the turquoise!!! Nice neutrals too, especially since you said they come out smooth and opaque in two coats. Makes me wish I lived in Australia!!! :)

  4. This collection is awesome...

  5. I finally found and picked up the matte top coat! Thanks for the review, it was a big help :D


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