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Picture Polish - Eerie, Blue Dog, Storm, Color Storm and Amethyst

I finally have my swatches of the latest releases from Picture Polish.  The latest range includes two collaboration polishes, two new matte glitters and a re-release of one of the 2012 collaboration polishes.  First up lets look at the two new collaborations.

Eerie by Very Emily. This delicious looking polish is a pastel purple. It actually reminds me of the palest purple shade on the wisteria flowers on our wisteria bush.  The polish has the same multi coloured micro flakes that appear in the collaboration shade White Wedding as well as the fine and subtle bijou holo shimmer.  This is a beautiful polish and really captures the essence of the photo Emily used as her inspiration for the shade.  The formula was excellent and I used two coats with Seche Vite top coat here.

Blue dog by Vampy Varnish. Another interesting and unique polish here. Blue Dog is a greyed out dark blue with pink and blue glass flecks and white micro flakies.  Again I love reading about the inspiration behind the polishes, so if you haven't read about this one, then it's an interesting read.  The formula was once again great. Perfect coverage at two coats and shown here with top coat.

Amethyst by Dream Wanders. Originally created back in 2012 and branded under Susan's previous shop - Star Trinkets, now this shade has been re-released under the name of Dream Wanders and with a new tag line. I compared my bottles and confirm that this fantastic shade is still identical to the original version.  Amethyst is a dusty but bright purple version of Picture Polish Denim.  It contains lots of blue and white glass flecks and has great coverage at two coats.

Color Storm.  First up, I have to comment on the polish name.  I'm actually really surprised that this fantastic and proudly Australian brand has named the polish using American spelling of color instead of the British version that we use here in Australia.  For me, this should be Colour Storm.  But I'm guessing all you 314 million Americans have more buying and influencing power than us 22 million Australians.  

Name aside, this is a lovely glitter polish.  It contains medium sized hex glitters in blue, pink, purple, white and yellow.  It also has smaller hex glitters in blue and mini glitters in white and blue.  All the glitters in this polish have a matte finish which provides a vibrant yet non sparkly finish.  This glitter topper coordinates beautifully with all three collaboration shades just released, but I chose to wear one coat over Eerie.  I have a nail art mani coming up that shows full coverage with colour storm, so stay tuned for that.

Formula was great for a polish well packed with glitter.  This is one coat with top coat.

Storm. A heavy mix of opaque matte white glitters in four sizes.  The mix of glitter sizes and the omission of bar glitters is what sets this matte white glitter apart from the others in my collection.  This is one coat over Blue Dog.

These new Picture Polish shades are available now from Picture Polish. International ladies can purchase through one of the many Network stockists. There is currently an EOFY sale on the Picture Polish site where the everyday deal is at $24off when you purchase eight polishes.  They are also discontinuing a bunch of gorgeous shades which are now on sale.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I love all these polishes, Picture Polish is such a great brand, I haven't tried one I didn't like yet.
    Perfect formula, every time!

    That white glitter is amazing!
    I love these types of glitter, they can make a simple mani stunning with just 1 coat, but most have bar glitter and I can't stand bar glitter...
    Storm, Blue Dog and Amethyst are going on my wishlist for my next Picture Polish order!

  2. I love storm. Nice to see a white only glitter polish with no bar glitter!

  3. It's funny that you thought that about the spelling of color - I thought the same thing! Love the polish though.

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  5. This 1 of the 314 million Americans would have been perfectly happy with the name "Colour Storm", lol - apologies if the naming is displeasing to you! ;( But the glitter in the glitter polish should make up for any naming faults, hopefully, as the combination of colors is simply amazing. I can already imagine all the great nail art ideas you will come up with to incorporate it!! Storm is gorgeous as well - I have been searching for a really good white glitter topper, and I believe I have finally found it! I just ordered that polish as well as Blue Dog (and a few other PP lovelies) in the EOFY sale. I am so excited!! Thanks for the wonderful review and swatches!

  6. Very nice set of polishes. I can't decide which one I like the most! :-S ;-)

  7. All of these are beautiful!!


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