Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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WOW Prisms Spring collection

Anyone planning a Dance Legend order? Well make sure you check these beautiful additions to the WOW prism collection before you do.  The WOW prism spring polishes add six more shades to the original 18 shades (see Part 1 and Part 2 of my swatches of the WOW prisms).  I have three of the six new polishes - I didn't get the pink, the blue or the gold (what - I didn't get the gold! Someone check my temperature - STAT!).  Yes I some how forced myself not to get the gold, thinking that maybe I didn't need another gold in my stash.  Lets look at the three I got.

Beautiful Lie - a bright wisteria purple with blinding in your face scattered holographic particles.  The holo particles in these polishes are so rainbowy and reflective that it's hard to sometimes see the actual base colour.  Formula and coverage was great.  This is two coats with no top coat.

Holy Diver -a bright turquoise blue shade with a scattered holographic finish.  The holo isn't as blinding in this one, for some reason this shade of bluey green tends to do that a lot with holos in my experience.  Great formula, two coats shown here.

Inhale - a bright grassy green with very strong, in your face scattered holographic finish.  The holo in this one is bright like Beautiful lie.  Once again the formula was great and this is two coats.

These spring WOW prisms are definitely bright and spring feeling colours when compared to the darker and richer shades in the first collection.  These are a beautiful addition and I think I will need to get the gold one! The scattered holo effect in these is so strong compared to other scattered holos on the market.  Check out my previous comparison post on the WOW prisms to see how the holo particles compare. The closest thing from the past is the China Glaze Kaleidoscopes and the original scattered holos from Ozotic.

I got these polishes direct from Dance Legend in Russia, but there are a number of other international resellers that stock different collections.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. These are gorgeous! :-)

    Lol I'm still waiting on my early May order to arrive and placed another last week :-| they take FOREVER to come to Scotland *le sigh*

  2. Your gorgeous swatches totally make me want to pick up Beautiful Lie! I've previously seen it shown as a murky blueish grey, so unappealing. I already got Holy Diver and Through The Glass, but haven't been able to appreciate their holo-ness yet...Summer's not very summery in my part of Russia these days. :(

  3. You took the very best ones! The blue one is really close to Holy Diver, and the gold one is actually more yellow than gold and quite sheer (3 coats is a must, maybe even 4 for long nails).

  4. I think I need Holy Diver, but Inhale is really calling to me too!

  5. I still have Holy Diver in my untrieds pile, need to pull that one out soon! So beautiful!

  6. Got Holy Diver and Inhale in my recent order :D BTW, I think you were asking me about recent order from DL. Well here's my experience: 5/21 Order - 5/26 Despatch - 6/4 Left Russia - 6/12 Arrived
    HTH, Cathy!

  7. GAH! The only one I have so far is Inhale and I love it! The other two are high on my wishlist! I would really love to own pretty much all of the Wow Prisms. I love them so much!

  8. Ughhhhh these are SO stunning!

  9. Well. "WOW" really is the only word that comes to mind! I am such a sucker for glitter and holo and those are beautiful. I think I need to place an order soon!!


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