Saturday, June 14, 2014

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How I wore it: Picture Polish Color Storm with circular gradient

Following from yesterday's swatches of the new shades from Picture Polish, this is the mani of how I wore Color Storm.  To get full glitter coverage using Color Storm I started with a white base and then applied the glitter by using a sponge.  By doing it this way, the sponge soaks up most of the clear base and you end up with lots of the glitter on your nail.

On my other nails I created a circular gradient using swagger and wisteria.  I then outlined my nails in white. I love the look of framed nails on other people, but I'm just not sure if they are a good style on my nails.  Because my C curve is very, well curvy, it's hard to even see that the sides of my nails are framed.

Picture Polish Color Storm, swagger and wisteria are available now from Picture Polish. International ladies can purchase through one of the many Network stockists. There is currently an EOFY sale on the Picture Polish site where the everyday deal is at $24off when you purchase eight polishes.  They are also discontinuing a bunch of gorgeous shades which are now on sale.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I have never seen a circular gradient before but I just fell in love! Do you have any tips on how to achieve that effect?

  2. Wow that circular gradient! Tutorial please!

  3. This looks so so pretty!

  4. Please please do a tutorial for the circle gradient. It's such a gorgeous technique and I've only seen it on your blog. You must teach us!


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