Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Alanna Renee - Cosmic Sunset and Crystal Mystery

Big changes have been happening over at Alanna Renee

Alanna Renee is an Australian indie nail polish brand which opened in January 2013 with 10 handmade shades. Since then the brand released a total of 37 shades including some one of a kind charity shades and subscription box shades.  Like most indie brands, the business is run solely by one person, and after hand mixing nail polish for 12 months Alanna started considering having the nail polishes manufactured to save on production time.

Throughout 2014 Alanna has been working with an Australian manufacturer to produce her latest two new shades. I'm excited to share my swatches and views on these new shades.

Cosmic Sunset - a full coverage glitter polish that has a purple jelly base, fine square purple glitters, small aqua hexes and slightly larger fuchsia hexes.  The formula was fantastic, especially considering how dense the glitter coverage is.  I only needed two coats to get full coverage.  The polish does dry to a slightly rougher finish, so I used two layers of top coat, Essence Gel Look top coat and Seche Vite.  This purple shade was really tricky for me to photograph, depending on the lighting it changed between looking more red toned or blue toned.

Crystal Mystery - a full coverage glitter jelly with a blackened blue jelly base, aqua blue glitters in various sizes and purple square glitter.  This one was just flawless on me.  Application was smooth and thin, but full coverage was achieved at just two coats. This one didn't dry as textured as Cosmic Sunset, so I only needed one layer of top coat. So much sparkle and depth. My lighting for this swatch shows this a touch more teal looking that it does in real life.

Checking out the new bottles, I can't help but notice the similarity between other manufactured Aussie indie brands such as Kester Black and Pretty Serious.  The quality on those brands is fantastic, so you can expect to see the same quality in these polishes.

These new shades are due to be released this Saturday 28th June.  I'm not sure what time, but recommend you check the Alanna Renee Facebook site for updates.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. These are stunning!

  2. Wow these two are so pretty. I think I prefer Cosmic Sunset, but only just :-)

  3. OMG I just died a little. They're both gorgeous!!

  4. I just did some swatches of Witchling which reminds me a bit of Cosmic Sunset (purple jelly & glitter with some orange matte glitter- super pretty). I really like her polishes, Mardi is the other one that I own at the moment and they both apply so well. Well worth a look imho.


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