Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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Pink and purple vertical gradient with crazy chevrons

Here is a 'quick' mani that I wore last week.  It's sad when a quick mani actually involves a gradient and stamping isn't it!  Does anyone else ever feel pressure from their work colleagues to keep churning out the nail art?  I guess I can't really say it's pressure, but they sure do notice when I don't have something 'fancy' on my nails and they comment along the lines of "what was wrong with you last night", or "your nails are looking a bit plain today".  Yes work people - sometimes I just like to wear a plain regular creme polish with nothing else fancy about it and feel totally fine about doing so.

Anywho, did anyone else read this article on news.com.au today about our use of the urban dictionary and words/phrases we should just stop using?  It made me laugh, because the first two word/phrases in the list contained the names of three recent polishes in my collection. Because I have quite an international readership, I'm wondering if the words in this list are Australian urban words, or are they used in other countries too? Obviously some are quite well used worldwide, but I wondered if others were more Australian?

Ok, enough babbling, it's late because I just watched the finale episode of Game of Thrones (yay it was awesome, boo we have to wait nine months until next season). I still have to finish this blog post and do my nails, and I need to be in bed before 11.30pm because I'm just so god damn busy at work at the moment (and without enough sleep Cathy's brain no function well).

Nails... vertical gradient using Picture Polish candy and swagger, stamped with two images from the Messy Mansion chevron plate. Done.

Thanks for stopping by and looking and my nails (and listening to by drivel).


  1. In live in the US and not a major city but in thw midwest and I've heard all the words on the list mostly from kids and teenagers

  2. Wow this is so pretty and I love the colours :-)

    There are a lot of the word on the list I've not heard of! :-| I must be getting older hehe!

  3. Your mani is fantastic - love everything about it.

    The word 'adorbs' needs to be axed, also. Plus others.

  4. I love those chevrons!


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