Friday, June 20, 2014

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Femme Fatale exclusives - Contray Polish Vixen and Jindie To-Teally Awesome

I have swatches of two indie polishes that are exclusive to Australian nail polish etailer Femme Fatale Cosmestics.

First up is To-Teally Awesome by Jindie Nails.  I actually purchased this during the new year sale and it's been sitting in my untried stash since then.  I don't think it's still available so I'm sorry to show you a polish that you can't actually purchase anymore. But we all like looking at pretty things still, right?

As you can see, To-Teally Awesome is a teal green jelly polish with a bun of matte coloured glitters in it.  The base is very jelly like and even at three coats you can still see visible nail line.  I don't think you would be able to make it completely opaque, so it you don't that that look you should layer it over a matching base.

Contrary polish Vixen is only a new release and this one is available on the Femme Fatale site.  Vixen has a steel-blue base with a rose pink shimmer. This one is classic Contrary Polish style with an edgy colour and contrasting shimmer. Application is perfect and it's opaque at two coats.  I have such a crush on Contrary polishes!


  1. Wow these are stunning I really like the first one - all full of glittery goodness :-)

  2. I really like to-teally awesome. Those 2 stars swimming in the teal on your ring finger really just got me!


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