Monday, June 23, 2014

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Dance Legend Galaxy - Comet Tail, Protuberance & Solar eclipse

The Dance Legend Galaxy collection combines the amazing effects of the multichrome and WOW prisms into one incredible polish.  Unlike most holographic mulitchromes on the market that use fine grade holo pigment, these use the large shard like holo pieces that created a scattered holographic effect.  I have my three picks from the six polish collection that makes up the Galaxy range.  I chose these three as they are totally different colours than the similar Picture Polish multichrome/scatter holo polishes (Solar Flare, Gravity, Illusionist and Altered State).

Comet tail is a rose coloured magenta base with a gold to green color shift. It seems to be the same multichrome base as Roz, but with the added holo sparkle of the scattered holo particles.  The colour easily builds up to opacity on it's own and this is two coats.

Protuberance has a warm copper base that shifts to pale gold to slate grey to blue.  This one looks like the same multichrome base that is in Knight but with the added holo sparkle of the scattered holo particles.  Again opacity was good without the need for a black base.  I did two coats here.

Solar eclipse has a metallic light bronze base which shifts to olive green and purple.  There isn't a Dance Legend mulitchrome that has this same colour shift, but comparing my other polishes it looks to be the same mulitchrome base as Ozotic 503 or Ludurana Admir├ível (plus a bunch of new indie multicrhomes that I haven't felt the need to purchase).  Of course this also has the scattered holo particles.  Coverage was good and this was two coats.

I really love this collection and their mix of the scattered holo with the multichrome effect makes them more unique, together with the Picture Polish ones.  I think DL Pulsar, Milky Way and Big Bang would all be very similar colour wise to the Picture Polish ones, although if these Dance Legends are any indication, then the main big difference is in the opacity of the shades.  The Dance Legend polishes do not require a black base, whereas the Picture Polish ones do (unless you want to wear them as a pastel effect polish).

You can purchase Dance Legend polishes direct from the Dance Legend website or through a number of other network resellers.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I have these 3, they are gorgeous and Dance Legend didn't take long to become my favourite brand. After getting DL's multichromes and Galaxy holos, I ordered a couple of multichromes from another brand that is well known for it's multichromes and I was disappointed in them. I had been spoilt.

  2. Oh WOW! These are amazing!!!

  3. Gorgeous polishes and I love your photos! I've got this collection, only tried Pulsar, so I'll need to dig the others out of the Helmer lol! :-) Was well impressed with Pulsar :-D

  4. I have to say that Protuberance impressed me a lot. I'm really picky when it comes to duochromes/multichromes but I really couldn't resist Protuberance!


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