Friday, June 6, 2014

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Dance Legend WOW Prisms Comparisons

As promised here is my comparison post that compares the Dance Legend WOW Prisms with various other scattered holo polishes I have in my collation.

Purple - Dance Legend Just another star is a cooler toned purple compared to Ozotic 624, and much cooler compared to Zoya Aurora.  The Dance Legend also has the most dense holo flake ratio.

Dark red - Both Picture Polish Monroe and Zoya Blaze are more raspberry red compared to DL Behind the scenes.  Behind the scenes has a lot more holo flake compared to the other two.

Black - colour wise, PP Darcy, Zoya Storm and DL Gothic Veil are are a rich dark black. The big difference is the density of the holo flake. Storm and Gothic Veil are very similar.

Blues - Dance Legend Night ranger is no dupe of either Picture Polish Cosmos or Freya's Cats.  It's more aqua that Freya's Cats and lighter than Cosmos. Night ranger has more holo flake than the Picture Polish shades.

Charcoal - this comparison is with my favourite ever charcoal scattered holo, China Glaze Lets do it in 3D.  LDII3D is a much paler grey and it's holo flakes are finer than Quite Riot.  They both a jam packed with holo flakes and a strong flame but are completely different.

Green - Dance Legend Poison leans bluer than Picture Polish Kryptonite which seems are truer emeral green.  Poison has a lot more holo flake which also lightens the shade a bit.

Lilac -  Dance Legend High Hopes is a pink leaning lilac, especially when compared to Picture Polish Lizzie and Ozotic 606.  It's worth noting here that Lizzie is meant to be a re-release of Ozotic 606, and while the colour is identical, you can see that my original bottle of 606 as a lot more larger holo flakes and the flame is stronger.

Silver - You'd think that silver scattered holos would be dupes, but none of these are (and I just remembered that I forgot to pull out my milani 3Ds to include in these comparisons).  China Glaze Sexagon looks much finer than Ozotic 609, which looks finer than DL steel Panther.

Browns -  I origianlly thought that DL Road to nowhere was very brown, but when compared to Picture Polish Demeter it has quite a red tone to it.  DL Bullet for my valentine is more red with a brown down.

Hopefully these comparisons may help with your purchasing decisions.  Buttom line is, none of them are dupes.


  1. LOVE your comparison posts!!!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Another epic post, thank you so much!
    So I was right not to buy DL Gothic Veil because I have Zoya Storm.
    Oh, and by the way, I have also compared the blue ones with Zoya Dream and L.A.Girl Brilliant Blue - no dupes here, neither! Dream is the closest to Cosmos but still visibly different.

  3. So much holo goodness in one single post. I think I might swoon! :D

  4. Thanks so much, I'm trying to pick out my first DLs at the moment!

  5. Love you for these!! Just what I needed to make up my mind :) I must have Gothic veil.

  6. Thanks for this awesome comparison!


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