Monday, June 2, 2014

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Lacquistry Amazeballz You're so extra fine with lighting bolts

Recently Lacquistry nail polish released some new versions of their incredible shiny gold polish Amazeballz.  I picked a up a couple of bottles of the version called You're so extra fine, which is basically the same polish but with the reflective flake ground down to a very fine pigment. There is also a 'fine' version and a version that is a 'blended family' with all three grades of the reflective pigment. Although I didn't purchase either of those.

The result is incredible.  Unlike the original Amazeballz which needs about 3-4 coats for full coverage, this one is a one coater.  The finish is blindingly shiny and smooth and my photos of it here in the very overcast sunlight do not show how gorgeous this polish is.

Because it's a one coater it makes it so easy to use as a base for tape manis, such as this one.  I used some lightning nail vinyls to create this look with both Amazeballz You're so extra fine and Orly Halley s Comet.  Once again I used some more of the 5ss size Swarovski crystals I recently bought.  I just purchased my crystals on ebay from an Australian seller.  I searched '5ss Swarovski' and chose a mixed bag of colours which is great for nail art, but a pain in the butt to sort through!

Once again I created a quick 15 second tutorial on how I created this easy mani.


  1. wow! this is even more amaze balls than amazeballs :) Love the lightning bolt theme, it's so fitting!


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