Saturday, June 7, 2014

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Tiger in the bamboo

Inspired by my Moyou Suki plates I created this Tiger in the bamboo manicure.  I started with two coats of Penelope Luz Lucky Fairy, which is a green jelly with various green glitters.  It's totally gorgeous on it's own, but this time around I decided to top it with some nail art.

On top of Lucky Fairy I stamped using two of the bamboo images on Moyou Suki 02.  I mixed two of my Mundo de Unas green polishes with some black and white to come up with some earth toned greens (a dark and a light shade). Some nails I double stamped, some I just stamped with one colour.

I created a couple of stamping decals with the tiger image of Moyou Suki 02.  At the bottom I've got a quick instagram video of the tiger decal part.


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