Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Aqua tango

Here is a quick and easy mani which has mix of a gradient with stamping.

The polishes I used were Picture Polish tango, chillax and marine in the gradient. The glitter is Kester Black Milky Way and it's a fine mix of bright silver holographic glitter. The base for the stamping is tango and it is stamped with Mundo de Unas Aqua stamping polish. The plate is Lily Anna plate LA13 and I love the design, because it looks like a complex tape mani, but instead it's a super quick and easy stamp.

Whilst there isn't much to this mani, I still recorded as I painted it, so here is that video from Instagram.


  1. Love it! Where did you get that stamper? I need a rectangle one, and I like that that one is squishy enough to just press on the nail, rather than having to roll the image onto the nail.

  2. I'm with Jill, that stamper is awesome. Looks really easy to line up. I have a rectangle stealer but not a squishy head. Do you know where I could buy a replacement head?

  3. I third the questions about the stamper!! I have a sticky, more circular stamper, and I always have problems lining up the stamped image to the nail (so I get so many off-kilter stamp fails, sad face). I think a larger rectangular one like this might be more helpful. You make this all look so simple, but the gradient and stamping are flawless - I am so jealous! :)

  4. Thank you Ladies.

    Re the stamper, I got my squishy rectangle stamper from Messy Mansion here in Australia, but she does ship internationally. Here is the link to the exact one I got.

  5. Ooh this is very pretty =) Lovely colors!


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