Monday, June 9, 2014

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Neon gradient with Swarovski crystals

I wish I had some sun to show off these bright and glowing neon nails.  I also really wish I had turned on my bright lights at night time when I was doing this mani and selecting the swarovski crystals.  

You see the bag of crystals I bought is a bag of mixed colours. I have to empty some out into a small bowl and then sort through them to get the colours I want for the mani.  Can you believe that I thought I selected all the same colours! Doh!  I only noticed when I walked outside into the natural light the next day and could tell some were a pale pink and others were a warm yellow.  So lets just pretend that I deliberately selected those colours to compliment the neon gradient.

For the gradient I used Orly Neon Heat and Tropical Pop and Picture Polish Lime lite. I topped the gradient with Kester Black Mily Way, which is a very bright holo glitter, but without the sun it just looks like a regular silver glitter topper.


  1. This look stunning! I love the colours and the crystals :-)

  2. The accidental colour selection worked well! They look great :-)

  3. Kitties, I'm one for randomness. Sometimes you get a better overall effect that way, and your unintentional varied crystals do that for this mani in my opinion. Love it!

  4. Very very pretty! The gradient is perfect!


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