Thursday, June 5, 2014

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Dance Legend WOW Prisms Part 2

Here is the continuation of my swatches in part two of the Dance Legend WOW Prism polishes.

Party Time - #22 - Bright berry pink scattered holo.

Strutter - #23 - teal green scattered holo (note the holo effect in this polish is weaker, but the sun was partially covered in soft clouds so the holo shine isn't showing it at its holo best.)

Learning to fly - #24 - Coral pink scattered holo.

Behind the scenes - #25 - a dark raspberry scattered holo. (Note holo shine is more obvious in brighter conditions than these swatches show)

Bullet for my valentine - #26 - dark burgundy red, with brown tones, scattered holo. (Note holo shine is more obvious in brighter conditions than these swatches show)

Poison - #27 - Dark emerald green with scattered holo.

Night ranger - #28 - Bright sapphire blue scatter holo.

Gothic Veil - #29 - Black jelly base with scattered holo.

Just another star - #30 - rich purple scattered holo.

So many favorites in this collection. So many!!  Every single polish is so stunning and as you can see in the macro photos, the jelly base and generous amount of holo flakes give these polishes so much depth at just two coats.

Tomorrow is comparison time!

I got these polishes direct from Dance Legend in Russia, but there are a number of other international resellers.  It seems that Dance Legend in Russia may have sorted their slow shipping times with their new packing and shipping company. I'd love to hear from anyone that has ordered since mid May if you have got your packages via the new shipping arrangement (the brand on the box and all the packing tape is APLIX, but the rest of the writing is in Russian.)

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. Gorgeous colors. I've never bothered to check out Dance Legend before but will definitely give them a try sometime soon!

  2. An epic post!
    I absolutely adore this collection. For me this is the best Dance Legend collection, I started with Bullet for My Valentine as the most unique color but gradually bought... er... 12 of them. I could have bought 2 more but I already had Zoya Blaze and Storm ))

  3. Insanely pretty! I wish these were a little more widely available. Night Ranger, Learning To Fly and Party Time nearly killed me lol

  4. Great swatches! I agree with everyone else who writes that this is the best DL collection ever and it's one of my favorite all time collections of any brand. I am not one to buy multiple polishes from one collection like this-- but I succumbed and kept getting more. And I am not sorry. I just got a back up of Bullet for My Valentine. And the Spring green from the Spring line is gorgeous too.

  5. These are gorgeous. I love this whole collection from Dance Legend, every time I see them they look amazing.


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