Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Dance Legend Holodays - Anthem, Different View and Olive Theory

I have swatches of some of the absolutely stunning Dance Legend Holodays polishes to show you today.  The collection has six shades in it at the moment, and I have swatches of three of them.  

These Holodays polishes have a mix of both the linear holo and scattered holo pigments.  So think of a mixture of the amazing Dance Legend holographics (see them here) and the WOW prisms that I showed about a week ago.  The formula on them was fantastic, all were two coaters with a very strong holo flame and scattered sparkle.  I just love this mix of both linear and scattered in one polish.

Anthem - a rich and regal dark purple.  Just so gorgeous!  It's darker than the Dance Legend linear holo Cosmic Rainbow, so it's nice they didn't just repeat the same colours from the other collections. This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Miss three fell in love with the polish as soon as she saw it on my nails and insisted I paint them immediately.  She has now decided that her favourite colour is purple, with pink being a close second.

Different View - Not only does Different View have both a scatter and linear holo appearance it is also a duochrome that shifts from a pinky purple to a golden green.  This one would probably pop even more if I were layered over black.  This is two coats  with Seche Vite top coat.

These photos are taken indoors where the linear holo isn't very obvious, but the scattered holo and duochrome really star.

Olive Theory - this is such an interesting colour.  It's a greened out gold with both a strong linear effect and scattered holo sparkles. I love this colour so much.  It's not your typical gold shade and reminds me of the yellow shade of my kitty Nahla's eyes.

These Dance Legend polish came direct from Dance Legend in Russia.  My order was shipped a week after I sent through my order and then it arrived from the other side of the world in only 9 days.  The package contained more than 20 polishes and I'm told that this is a result of their new packaging and shipping company.  I'd sure love to hear from some other girls to know that it wasn't just a one off fluke that my polishes got here so quickly.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. I do love these. I've ordered them and waiting from them to arrive. They do take forever to come from Russia to Scotland! I ordered mine in early May and still waiting! Wow that was some arrival time for you! :-)

  2. lindo demais !!!

  3. These are so awesome, and I think it's seriously cool that Miss Three now has a new favourite polish <3

  4. I placed an order last night so I'll let you know how long it takes to arrive in Australia

  5. These are gorgeous, I like Anthem the best!

  6. I love these polishes and am interested in buying some but I can't figure out what currency the website uses. Is it US dollars?

    1. Yes, it's US dollars. Be sure to check all collections, because they have some for as low as $6 or $7 each!

  7. I have Olive Theory coming right now from Llarowe! I didn't realize it was so golden! It looks beautiful, like a more linear version of A England's Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes). DL has some incredible stuff right now - like the new LE multichromes (with flakies!) Mars and Phobos! Geez, they're just...magical, I guess? Really spectacular and unique. I am glad to hear about the improved shipping. I never thought ill of them because of slow/unpredictable shipping - I mean, Customs can be a bish! But, I had been hesitant to order directly from them. If I make an order, I'll definitely let you know how it goes! Lovely swatches, by the way! ❤️❤️❤️


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