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What's Indie Box - 1 year anniversary holo box

This June, Australia's first and original indie polish box  - What's Indie box? - celebrated it's one year anniversary.  With news that the box was going to be an all holograoghic box, I just couldn't help myself, and I made sure I put an order in before the end on month deadline. I thought, sure I could easily mix up a range of holo colours myself, but I also wanted to help celebrate our Aussie indies, especially because the majority of the brands all got started because of contacts I made through my blog with the Australian supplier of for nail polish making supplies a few years ago.

Each month the list of participating Aussie indie brands slightly changes. For the one year anniversary box it was going to include polishes from Peita's Polish, Glittering Elements, Glam Polish, Powder Perfect and Lilypad Lacquer.

I have to say that I really love the idea of the polish surprise. Each month in the lead up to the next months box, the What's In-die Box facebook and instagram account provide details of the theme and colour boards to show what each polish is inspired by.  For me, this provides just enough detail to know if I want to purchase the box because I can get a feel for the polish colours that should be included. I also love that it is not a subscription box and that you can choose month by month if you want to purchase it.

Let's have a look at the polishes in the box.

Glam Polish - Don't make me blush - A saturated coral pink holographic polish with gold and pink glass flecks.  This one is just so beautiful in real life.  I read lots of girls raving about this one when they opened their boxes. The glassflecks in the base make this more than just a regular holo polish, this one looks awesome in low light too. This was two easy coats.

Powder Perfect - Party in the Park - a dark blackened green holographic polish.  There is also some other pigment in the base, wither it's glass flecks or something else I'm not sure, but it means this polish is still interesting in low light too.  This is two smooth and perfect coats and the holo flame was nice and strong, probably the strongest of the five polishes in the box.

Peita's Polish - Pink Blitz - a bright medium toned pink holographic. The holo flame in this one was probably the weakest in the collection, but the bright and saturated pink shade still makes this a gorgeous polish. Two coats with top coat shown here.

Glittering Elements - Queen of the mermaids - a bright blue holographic jelly polish with aqua blue glass flecks.  In direct sun this looks very royal blue, but in lower light the polish leans more aqua. I love the glass flecks in this polish too, as it makes the polish complex and interesting in low light. Two coats here with top coat.

Lilypad Lacquer - Violet Blaze - a deep, rich and regal purple holographic with red glass flecks.  I'm loving what all the girls have done with these mixes of holographic and glass flecks.  This one looks really purple in the sun where you see the blue part of the holo flame standing out, but indoors the red glass flecks make it look much warmer toned.  This is two coats plus top coat.

I'm really thrilled with the polishes in this months box.  I think the girls created some beautiful and unique holo polish for the box's one year anniversary. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite as there are four that I really love.

Orders for next months What's Indie Box close at the end of the month and can be made through the Pieta's Polish shop. International shipping is available.

Who else got the one year anniversary box, and which was your favourite polish?


  1. Ah, I'm so sad I missed out! A holo box would've been perfect for me! I had been travelling and missed the cut off by a few hours. Le Sigh.

    I love all of these, they are simply stunning. Violet Blaze is probably my favourite though. Great review, as always!


  2. *drools* these are all so pretty!

    I truly love Party in the Park :-D

  3. It's an absolutely fabulous box, I'm so glad I got it too :) x


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