Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Dance Legend Smoky Collection

How was everyone's weekend?  We had a great one spent playing around with the kids and generally doing family stuff.

I have some polishes from the Dance Legend Smoky collection to show you tonight.  

When I was looking at swatches of these polishes on the Dance Legend website, I wasn't really able to see what was actually 'smoky' about them, except that the colours looked like dusty shades.  It was only once I looked at the bottles in person that I saw the effect, and I love it.

The smoky collection polishes all have what I called a matte black micro shimmer which does in fact give a smoky appearance.  The particles are super fine and not like glitter at all.  Lets look a my three picks.

Moorland - a dusty lavender purple shade with matte black micro shimmer. Easy application and fully opaque at two coats.

Pine Bark - a dusty dark pink with matte black micro shimmer that makes the polish look slightly brown. Easy application and fully opaque at two coats.

River of time - a medium sky blue with matte black micro shimmer. Two coats.

I absolutely love the finish on these and it's unlike anything else I've seen in a polish.  Because the black particles are not sparkly the polish still has a creme like finish.  There are six polishes in the smoky collection and they are available from the Dance Legend website.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the photos, now I finally understand what's so smoky about them. I had the same problem and thought "oh well, dusty colors, that does happen quite often, what's so special about that?", but now I think I'll need one of those!

  2. I tried one nail polish (from Modi, a Korean brand) with the same kind of finish few days ago and I totally love it ! Moorland is my favorite between those three :)

  3. River of Time looks stunning! :-)


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