Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Polished by KTP - La Catrina

I picked up this polish from Femme Fatale during their January sale, so it's only taken me five months to show it to you - way to go girl!

I'm such a sucker for gold polish and of course I love green polish too (hello Kryptonite) so when I first saw swatches of La Catrina I knew it was a polish I wanted to have.  

La Catrina is a thermal that shifts between a golden copper shade when it's warm to an earthy green shade in the cold.  Again, rather than playing with some water to show the hot and cold versions, I've just photographed this as it showed up on me.  The green colour showed up nicely on my tips, which I  have to say were at about their longest I let them grow.  You really get the most out of thermals if you have longer nails.

I also did some floral stamping using a Lily Anna plate and Essie Penny Talk.


  1. What a pretty polish and I love the design! Stunning and lovely :-)

  2. Everything about this mani is gorgeous!

  3. I bought this some time last year but it's still an 'untried' for me - but I think you've inspired me to put it at the top of my TRY list!


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