Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Dance Legend WOW Prisms Part 1

I have part one of my two part special on the Dance Legend WOW Prisms.  The original WOW prism range has 18 shades and the spring WOW prisms brings another 6 shades.  In these two posts I'll show you 17 of the 18 shades - sadly Fallen Angel (No14) was indeed a fallen angel when it arrived and had it's bottle shattered.  

I've also just received some of the Spring WOW prism shades in the mail. Speaking of which, Dance Legend has a new delivery company that package and send their goods.  My package (containing more than 20 bottles) was packaged perfectly and arrived from Russia to Australia in just 9 days!  Whoop!!

Ok, lets take a look at these amazing polishes.  I'm not going to go into the colour descriptions too much and I'll cover off on formula, coverage and all that up here now. I've also got a blog post lined up that has comparison photos between these shades and other similar polishes in my collection from brands like Picture Polish, Ozotic, China Glaze and Zoya, so stay tuned for that.

The WOW prisms collection is a range of large particle scattered holos.  The large particles are highly reflective and rainbowy (that totally is a word!) they are also completely smooth and not like glitter.  They seem much more holographic than the particles that now appear in the Picture Polish scattered holos, and they remind me more of the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection.  Application is smooth and perfect and opacity is achieved at two coats for all the polishes.  These swatches show two coats with Seche Vite top coat, and as you can see the top coat doesn't dull the holo effect (like it did with the Kaleidoscope polishes)

Steel Panther - #13 - classic silver scatter holo.

Quite Riot - #15 - charcoal grey scattered holo.

Danger Danger - bright raspberry red scattered holo.

Road to nowhere - #17 - red leaning brown scattered holo.

High Hopes - #18 - lilac scattered holo (one of the most holo and reflective)

Glam Rock - #19 - pale pink scattered holo (another of the most holo and reflective in the collection)

Slippery when wet - #20 - medium purple leaning pink scattered holo

Hysteria - #21 - candy pink scattered holo

Please come back tomorrow to see WOW Prisms #22 - #30.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I really like the look of Danger Danger :)

  2. Only 9 days to Australia!? WOW! I placed an order about 10 days ago, hopefully get here soon :D

    1. It was a bit longer from when the order was placed. But it was 9 days from the date I got my shipping notification and tracking number.

  3. Oh Kitties you are a doll, my heart skipped a beat when I read you were showing 17 out of 18 shades! With just a few multichrome DL's I fell in love, Ive been in polish love before but not like this. I was so sad to see your box with the broken polishes but that was a great blog post, lots of useful info and I didn't even know you could order direct from DL before that. I've kept my orders very small and I think yes, mine were an average of 10 days from the time I got my tracking number, mine were packed very securely too. These posts and pics will be a real treat for me and then all I'll have to do is force down the guilt that comes just before I click that, proceed to checkout icon, am I alone in this? Thanks so much Kitties.

  4. I'm so glad DL did something with their international shipping!


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